Thursday, June 25, 2009

What IS PeerBlock??!?

If you've wandered over here randomly, and have no idea what this here "PeerBlock" thing is, this post is for you.

PeerBlock is a new version (aka a "fork") of the popular Peer Guardian 2 software. It blocks "known bad" computers from accessing yours, for example governments and corporations. The problem with PG2 is that it hasn't been updated for around 2 years now, and has a number of bugs that are particularly obnoxious on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (especially 64-bit). So PeerBlock was started to try and bang the source into shape, fix those bugs, and generate a PeerGuardian 2 variant that actually works without all the workarounds on top of hacks required by PG2.

I hope to eventually merge my changes back into the mainline PG2/PG3 source tree, but for now am simply aiming to have something that works well on my new 64-bit Windows 7 (RC) based machine.

If you're interested in helping out - either by hacking away at the code with me or even just by testing out new private builds of the app - send me an email and let me know!

Thanks for reading,

        --- MarkSide ---

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