Saturday, August 1, 2009

Auto-close Update Window by Default (r75)

Another thing that's always annoyed me about PG2 was that by default the Update window stays open until you click the Close button. For the most part I don't care that it's checking for updates, or that it just downloaded a new version of my block-lists . . . that's what I expect it to do. Just do it already!

This is exceptionally annoying on startup, as the program will not actually start blocking anything until you dismiss the window.

It's trivial to fix this problem on your own, but I don't think you should need to fix this at all. And it annoys new users, those who are least likely to know how to resolve it, so I've decided to change the default to be to auto-close that window after a 10 second delay. This change will only affect new installations, when the "startup wizard" is first run (or if no peerblock.conf file is found), so if you already have things changed to some other settings you won't be affected at all.

Technical Details

An embarrassingly simple change, really, only two characters in length. Updated the configuration class's initialization-list, which is what holds the default config for if that setting isn't found in peerblock.conf (or of course if that .conf file doesn't exist). If the UpdateCountdown value is less than 0 the program will leave the Update window open until you click the Close button; otherwise that's the number of seconds we'll wait until the window closes.


  1. I can run beta's to help testing but I can't compile due to limited access to install SDK's, and I did stop doing it b/c there's no installer avaiable to d/l...

  2. I'm currently using 0.9.1 r71 in XP SP3, and is working really fine :D

    Btw, I have a sugerence for PeerBlock, currently PeerBlock is using the blocklist from PG2... but most of these lists are very outdated, so I think that is a good idea to use the list from here: because this lists are more updated.

  3. AeoniAn: If you're interested in compiling, the project should be able to be built using the freely available VS 2008 Express, MS SDK, and MS DDK; the installer package we use is InnoSetup, also free.

    Melerix: Glad to hear it's working well for you! I agree, the lists are much better. We actually have a bug open to track that idea (Bug#30 in our issue-tracker on Google Code), and night_stalker_z just last night submitted a patch against it to update our lists over to Hope to get the patch committed tonight, so that should be in our next Interim Release.

  4. Hey Mark,

    I've discovered an old nagging bug which exists since I ever started using PG2 (and of course, PB, too ;)):

    The "X" which Windows displays in the upper-right corner of the Update-window actually does _not_ close the window nor does it cancel the download(s) of my list(s)..

    If you could fix this, I'd be a happy man! :D

  5. Sure, we'll look into fixing this. Added Bug#40 ( to our issue-tracker on Google Code to track this.

    Thanks for reporting it! I'd never even noticed that the close button doesn't work on that window.

  6. r71
    Allowing one IP for 15 minutes -> after that time PB auto-closed (shutdown). This happened twice. No minidump saved (checked).
    Anyone else noticed this?

  7. hi Mark,

    UI bug : Arabic localized windows OS
    in Histry-window the calender not wide enough to shows all days.just wider calender will fix it.

    please fix this issue.

  8. Don't mention it! ;)

    Though, since I _really_ want to help, I even started to learn more C++/C#.. PG2 and now PB gave and give me so much that I want to help wherever possible! :)
    Though, if you need somebody to (internally) test new builds or translate (I'm from Germany.. ;)) something, I'm right here!

    I've already thought about re-building the installer with NSIS, since that's a plattform I know pretty good and which has at least the same capabilities like InnoSetup.
    But then again, the current setup looks already quite good and works - let me know, if you want some help on that. ;)

    Additionally, I'd like to spend about 20 bucks for the signed driver!
    Unfortunately, due to the loss of my job, I'm currently not able to give away even a single cent.. :(

    But as soon as money comes in again, I _promise_ to give back what you gave us PB-users! Honestly!

  9. Arghs, I missed to fill in my name.. :-/

    That comment above this one was made by me, Martin.. ;)

  10. AeoniAn: I have not seen that problem, nor can I reproduce the problem here locally. How often can you repro it? Could you email me ( a peerblock.log file from a time that it happens, just in case there's any info in there that could help? And let me know if you can repro it often - if so, there are some other things we may be able to try.

    Anonymous: We've since discussed your Arabic locale issue over email, but in case anyone else is interested I've added Bug#41 to our issue-tracker on Google Code to track this problem.

    Martin: Don't worry, I know that in today's economic climate it's especially difficult for people to have some extra money lying around that they could donate. Send me an email and I'll put you on my official testers' list - would be nice to have another person running tests on a non-English language system. And I have added a bug to track the possibility of creating translations of PeerBlock (Bug#43) at some point in the future, almost definitely after 1.0 is released.