Monday, August 17, 2009

PeerBlock Forums!

We've been working on setting up some forums for a little while now, especially so after the PG2 site went down a couple weekends back. We're happy to announce that they're live now!

We are still ironing some of the kinks out, so expect to see a few funky things for awhile yet. Strange outages as we update things, features appearing/disappearing almost at random as we enable/disable them, etc. And the default forum template we're using is, um, well, nothing like any of our other sites. But it's clean and perfectly serviceable for now, and should serve us well until we get a chance to create a Grand Unified Look & Feel (tm) for our sites, program, installer, etc.

So come on over to our new PeerBlock Forums, register an account, and talk about any problems you've encountered or suggestions you have!

        ---  Mark  ---

P.S. Thanks to ss18 for working like a madman to set this all up, and to LANsquared for graciously donating server space and bandwidth for it!

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