Saturday, August 1, 2009

Permanent Blocks List Actually Blocks (r74)

Another of the nagging problems with PG2 has always been that when you first add an ip-address to your "Permanent Blocks" list, for example right-clicking on an ip-address in the main UI and selecting "Block (ip) permanently", the permblocks.p2b list the program creates ends up being created as being an "Allows" type list. Easy to fix - you just have to edit that list and set it to a Blocks type - but this has always annoyed new users of the program.

Thanks to a patch from night_stalker_z, this problem has now been fixed!

With the r74 commit, PeerBlock now correctly creates the Permanent Blocks list as type Blocks. So hopefully nobody should complain about that one anymore, once we release our next version.

Technical Details

Not much to speak of here really, just a simple "oops" on the part of the original PeerGuardian coders.

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