Friday, August 28, 2009

Tell Us What to Do

We try to use our Issue Tracker to manage our "To-do List" for PeerBlock. All bugs we find get added to the list, whether we run into them ourselves, or someone reports them to us either using the Issue Tracker itself or via email or a forum-post, or sometimes even if we notice someone complaining somewhere about something that's always bugged them with PG2. When we're trying to figure out what to work on next, we go through this list and try to pick out the most useful bug out of them all. (Well, okay, I admin it, sometimes we instead pick out the "low hanging fruit", the easiest ones to fix, just because we can get a quick rush out of fixing something that easily...)

One of the fields in those Issues that is very helpful to this effort is the "Starred" field. You can "star" an Issue to have the system email you updates whenever that issue is updated - when we start working on it, if we need additional info from people hitting it, if we have a potential fix we need some help testing, when the bug's actually fixed, etc. And from our perspective, issues with more stars are more likely to get attention first, since we assume that more people care about them.

Now, we won't always work on the most popular bugs first, but this is an important metric we use to decide what we should spend our time on. Especially now since we're gearing up for a PeerBlock 1.0 release, and are trying to ensure that the most important bugs are resolved before that point.

This is where you can help!

Please take a look at our Issue Tracker, and if you see anything you'd like to see fixed sooner rather than later, put a star on it!

Yes, this will require having a Google Account - but we all have one of those anyway, for "junk mail" purposes if nothing else, right? And yes this may take a few minutes of your time - but isn't helping make PeerBlock the best it can be worth it?

So please, take a few minutes and tell us what to do!

...and in other news

In case you haven't been following along in our Forums, we're very close now to getting our grubby paws on that elusive Signed Driver. The NY Department of State has finally finished up the paperwork, and "PeerBlock, LLC" is now an official entity. Armed with our new company registration - and $230 worth of your donations - we have filled out the online "paperwork" to get a code-signing certificate from GlobalSign.

At this point we're simply waiting for them to verify that we do in fact exist as a company, and we should then receive our code-signing certificate. I'm hoping that shouldn't take too long, would (optimistically?) hope that should take less than a week. Once we receive that code-signing certificate, I'm hoping to have an official PeerBlock 1.0 Public Release ready to go within a week . . . with an Interim Release coming here to the Dev Blog a few days beforehand.

Thanks for staying interested in PeerBlock, and I hope to hear from you soon!

        ---  Mark  ---


  1. Great news!! It's like a dream come true!

  2. Its great what your doing Mark. Keep up the good work and I'll keep posting any bugs or requests.

  3. Awesome.. Absolutely awesome! \m/

    You have reached what Phoenix Labs and especially Phrosty tried for so many years, but never succeeded..

    Since I've got a new job, I will _definitely_ donate some money as soon as I received my first salary! :)

    Keep it up, Mark and Nightwalkerz - I'll do my part on the "bug-side".. :D